What Works Centre News Updates

Victims of serious violence in England and Wales, 2011–2017 21 January 2021

Iain Brennan tells us about his analysis addressing gaps in our knowledge about the distribution of violence across groups, places and times – in adults and children – using data from the Crime Survey of England and Wales.

Introducing our registered pilots scheme 14 December 2020

Our registered pilot scheme has been launched to support forces to trial and test innovative ways to reduce crime, by providing relevant research support and specialist advice

Spotlight on the evidence: Updating problem-oriented policing on the Crime Reduction Toolkit 03 December 2020

Problem-oriented policing (POP) is an approach to tackling crime that involves the identification of a specific problem, thorough analysis to understand the problem, the development of a tailored response and an assessment of the effects of the response.

Surveying officer safety 17 November 2020

The National Police Chief’s Council (NPCC) commissioned the Officer and Staff Safety Review in September 2019 following a number of serious assaults on police that had attracted both police and public interest about the welfare of officers.

Energy and enthusiasm as 2020 College bursary students get ready to start a new term 27 October 2020

Our fifth scheme was launched in March, just as police forces responded to the unprecedented situation caused by the pandemic. We were pleased to receive over 130 applications from officers and staff across 40 forces in England and Wales. 

First issue of Going equipped is published 13 August 2020

Going equipped is a new publication for policing. Its focus is on sharing ideas, practice and insights within policing. All of the content is written and reviewed by police officers and staff and the Editorial Board has members from across policing.

Violent crime in London: trends, trajectories and neighbourhoods 11 August 2020

This report is a result of a project which aims to illustrate some of the ways in which police-recorded crime data could be combined with other sources to provide a deeper insight into the geographical and social distribution of violent crime. 

Taking the long view: Policing into 2040 10 August 2020

A new report has been published which aims to encourage and support long term planning within policing.