06 November 2018

Introducing the Policing Evaluation Toolkit

Have you implemented a new way of working and want to know if it has been effective? Introducing the Policing Evaluation Toolkit:  A guide to testing interventions

Do you want be able to answer the following questions?

  • Did my initiative work?
  • To what extent did it work?
  • Why and how did it work?

If so, the Policing Evaluation Toolkit may be of use to you.

The Evaluation Toolkit contains practical guidance which brings together evaluation design and implementation strategies.  These can be used by practitioners and researchers to ensure evaluations are designed in such a way that strong statements of causal impact can be made.

The Toolkit can assist practitioners and researchers by providing a framework for testing whether an intervention is effective or not, and assessing the strength of the impact. This evidence can then assist decision-makers in understanding which practices work and which ones don't, which can help to inform decisions about the deployment of resources.

 So, what's in the Evaluation Toolkit?
The Toolkit is made up of the following sections:

  • What is evaluation?
    An explanation of the benefits of effective evaluations
  • How to use the toolkit
    An overview of how the toolkit should be used at  various stages of the evaluation process
  • Preparation for evaluation
    Formulating a research question, identifying measures against which success will be judged, identifying and recruiting participants, and the need for a comparison group
  • Implementation
    Baseline tests, implementing the intervention and post-test measures
  • Analysis and reporting
    Effect sizes, reporting results and sharing findings

Levin Wheller, co-author of the Toolkit

"The College gets a lots of queries about undertaking effective evaluation, and many requests for support and advice from across the service. The evaluation toolkit adds to the existing online support we offer and provides practical guidance to help officers and staff test the impact of their work. We hope it will be a useful tool to support practitioners who want to help develop the growing evidence base in policing"

The Toolkit is available on the following page of the What Works site. http://whatworks.college.police.uk/Support/Pages/Evaluation-Toolkit.aspx   

Feedback on the product can be provided by emailing research@college.pnn.police.uk.