17 September 2019

Call for practice: Developing guidelines to support effective supervision

Share your experience of supervision within policing and help to inform our guideline development work.

The College of Policing is pleased to announce that the 'Effective Supervision' Guideline team has launched a call for practice. We are currently trying to build a picture of local force practices being used to develop effective supervisors/supervision – this may include (but is not restricted to):

  • internal guidelines/policies/operating procedures
  • toolkits
  • training & development packages
  • CPD opportunities/distance learning materials/briefings
  • Use of incentives/recognition and reward schemes
  • Pilot schemes or similar.

This is part of a series of calls to develop evidence-based guidelines, forming part of the new approach adopted by the College to ensure guidelines are grounded in evidence,  clear to understand and easy to apply in practice. This new approach makes sure that that guidelines are:

  • based on the best available evidence
  • co-produced by independent committees that include frontline practitioners
  • subject to public consultation allowing those affected by the guidelines to comment

The College is working with a committee of frontline practitioners and subject matter experts chaired by ACC Nick Bailey (Greater Manchester Police). The guidelines will be aimed at all police officers and staff who have supervisory responsibility and will highlight what organisations need to do to support their supervisors.

The College invites you to be part of this call for practice – for more information please read the attached information sheet and complete the practice form. Sharing your experience will ensure that we develop a broad knowledge of supervisory practices across policing.

The closing date for submissions is 27 September 2019.

If you have any questions, contact supervision.guidelines@college.pnn.police.uk and a member of the development team will be happy to help.