28 April 2020

Sharing policing ideas: COVID-19

In the UK today we find ourselves in a situation that requires us to change the way we work and police due to the threat of Covid-19 to public health. 

Last year, we launched a National Map of Police Ideas.  So far, we have successfully collected over 400 ideas from officers and staff across the UK who have made suggestions about how to improve the ways that the police protect people. The requirement for us to seek innovations is more important than ever. The challenges that COVID-19 presents us with change daily and it is critical that we support those out there dealing with this. We know the significance and impact of COVID-19 and all have a collective responsibility to protect the public.  We want everyone working in policing to have the opportunity to be involved.

During this time, we want to hear directly from officers and staff on what you think policing should be doing to get through this current policing challenge. The COVID-19 Police Ideas map is solely for the purpose of hearing from front line staff about ideas, suggestions and good practice you've seen or initiated.

We are now in a time where creative solutions to an ever changing challenge could save lives and protect vulnerable people. Over the past couple of weeks, we have seen some great examples of how individual officers and staff, police forces and partners have come together to inform, support and protect people. We want to capture these good examples, ideas and suggestions so that they can continue to do this. Ideas don't have to be complex.  They don't have to be really different (although some we've had already are). The main aim of this work is to find out what seems to work, what could work and seek ways to implement some of the ideas and/or scale them up quickly in the response to COVID19.

Along with Chief Constables Mike Cunningham and Andy Rhodes, we recently ran a @WeCops session on Twitter with officers and staff. This discussion had a reach of nearly 3 million people and we were able to hear a lot of ideas, suggestions and examples about ways to support officers and staff during this time. We want to make sure that these lines of communication remain open and that all officers and staff have the opportunity to contribute and share their ideas. The College of Policing is part of the national coordinated response to COVID-19 and is able to bring these ideas, suggestions and examples of good practice to the national forum.

If you have an idea to help our policing family, please share it using the link below. We don't promise to implement all of the ideas, but we will consider every single one and progress ideas which may make a positive difference quickly.


For further information on the COVID-19 Ideas map or the National Policing Map of Ideas, please contact Rob Flanagan, Innovation and Knowledge Sharing Manager by emailing rob.flanagan@college.pnn.police.uk


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