05 October 2017

Congratulations to successful bursary applicants

Successful applicants to the Bursary Scheme 2017/18 receive positive news as the College provides funding towards their academic study.

Under this year's Bursary Scheme, the College has awarded funding to 79 applicants from over 30 police forces to support their higher education academic study, bringing the total number of officers and staff currently supported under the scheme to over 100. The scheme is open to all College members who can apply for up to £3,000 per year towards their tuition fees for up to two years of study, a maximum of £6,000 in total.

Current students are studying at both undergraduate and postgraduate level across a variety of disciplines, including policing, criminology, cyber-security, leadership and psychology at 30 higher education institutions in the UK. Two thirds of the 61 officers receiving funding under the 2017/18 scheme are police constables or sergeants, 22 went to inspectors, chief inspectors and superintendents and 18 are supporting members of police staff.

One in three recipients do not currently hold a degree level qualification and for many, like Ben Forbes, a police constable in the Metropolitan Police Service, this is their first experience of higher education study.


Ben received funding to support his BSc in Policing at Canterbury Christ Church University. 

"I have not had much of a formal education and receiving funding from the College of Policing is enabling me to embark on a journey to achieve one of my life goals, a degree. The BSc in Policing will enable me to enrich my knowledge and understanding of policing in the broadest sense, whilst developing myself to become a strong evidence-based policing practitioner back within the Metropolitan Police Service."

Further information about Ben and his journey into policing can be found in his recent blog.

Joanne Traynor, a Communications Supervisor with Essex Police, is embarking on a PhD at Anglia Ruskin University which will explore how information is shared in the police control room and the impact of this on how incidents are interpreted, data is collected and threat harm risk is assessed.


Joanne has shared a summary of her PhD research with the Research Map.  The Research Map helps researchers and practitioners to find ongoing relevant research.

In 2015, the potential of Joanne's work was recognised by Cardiff University and she was awarded a research residency scholarship where academics provided her with valuable support and guidance to help her develop her proposal. However, until now, a lack of funding has meant that Joanne hasn't been able to progress her research ideas.

"I applied to the College of Policing and was thrilled to be offered the much needed funding to finally breathe life into my project.  Now, with the support of Anglia Ruskin University, and access to the resources of the Doctoral School I can move forward with my research, the outcome of which should have a positive impact on control room processes not only in Essex, but amongst all forces in England and Wales. I am extremely honoured to have been selected for this Bursary and am very excited about the opportunities it has provided."

College of Policing interim Chief Executive Rachel Tuffin:  

"After the success of last year's scheme, we are very pleased to award funding to an additional 79 police officers and staff.  In a very strong field of nearly 200 applicants, they were able to secure funding by demonstrating their commitment to continuing professional development and to developing the knowledge and skills which can help them make decisions informed by the best available evidence.

We recognise the challenges of combining study with work and hope this funding can reduce some of the financial pressure.  We are committed to supporting members to continue to develop and apply their learning for the benefit of wider policing and the public. "

You can join the college as a member here.

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If you have any questions about the Scheme or require any further information, please contact us at BursaryScheme@college.pnn.police.uk