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​​​​The Research Map plots details of relevant ongoing policing related research at Masters level and above. It is intended to increase opportunities for collaboration, and to enable forces to engage directly with researchers working on topics of interest to them. Summaries of relevant randomised control trials (ongoing and completed) are also available on the map.

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Project Institution Start Date
To critically examine and explore speed of judgement vs heuristics and bias within honesty and integrity of public office for the concept of the strategic constable University of Portsmouth Oct 2017
The impact of new psychoactive substances on communities Nottingham Trent University Sep 2017
Impact of exposure to illegal images of children Nottingham Trent University Jun 2017
Dixon of Doxa Green: A double hermeneutic investigation into police culture and professional identity University Of Gloucestershire May 2017
Masculinities and policing: Gendered roles and expectations in frontline police roles University of Lincoln Apr 2017
Delivering the crime reduction message: What is the most effective means of communicating with the public? Nottingham Trent University Apr 2017
Missing the point: The links between child sexual exploitation and young persons going missing Teesside University Mar 2017
Exploring the RF vulnerabilities of devices used by law enforcement University of Derby Mar 2017
Psychology of the Special Constabulary Nottingham Trent University Feb 2017
How effective are police body-worn cameras in domestic violence situations, and how can they be utilised most effectively? Nottingham Trent University Feb 2017
Children involved in or affected by criminality (a multi-agency approach) University of Derby Feb 2017
The characteristics of reports of revenge pornography and social media-enabled domestic violence offences Loughborough University Jan 2017
Nudging up court appearances with text message reminders: a randomised controlled trial (Randomised control trial) University of Cambridge Jan 2017
Are Prevent and the Schedule 7 border counter terrorism element of Protect, evidence based policing? University of Kent Jan 2017
Trial of revised Code of Practice for Victims e-learning (Randomised control trial) College of Policing Dec 2016
Policing domestic violence at the frontline: A study of control rooms, dispatch and frontline officer responses Loughborough University Nov 2016
TOCAT - Transnational Organised Crime and Translation University of East Anglia Nov 2016
The effectiveness of stop and search in the prevention and detection of crime University of Portsmouth Nov 2016
M.A. in financial crime and financial investigation Teesside University Oct 2016
British Sign Language and video-mediated interpreting: Proximity in police settings Heriot-Watt University Oct 2016
The attitudes, values and beliefs of police recruits Edge Hill University Oct 2016
How and to what extent can Problem Based Learning for police officers improve service delivery to victims of domestic abuse? University of York Oct 2016
A study to determine whether local police forces are able to cope with the 'Cyber-Threat' (working title) University of Chester Oct 2016
Extremist speakers on campus University of Derby Oct 2016
The impact of police Body Worn Video evidence on criminal justice outcomes College of Policing Oct 2016
Police Link Officers for Deaf People (PLOD) and Video Relay Services in the East Midlands: What works and best practice Loughborough University Sep 2016
Multi-agency situated learning: Learning together to develop effective practice delivery University of Derby Sep 2016
The Butterflies Effect: Emotional intelligence, domestic abuse and police decision-making University of Portsmouth Sep 2016
Policing by consent - A millennial perspective (working title) University of Portsmouth Sep 2016
Understanding Anti-Social Behaviour Nottingham Trent University Sep 2016
Community engagement area classification Nottingham Trent University Aug 2016
The identification of superior face recognition skills Bournemouth University Aug 2016
Hate crime post-Brexit: Migrant experiences of hate crime in Lincolnshire Loughborough University Aug 2016
Dinosaurs to forensic science: Digital tracks and Traces (DigTrace) Bournemouth University Aug 2016
Police training using gamification technology Bournemouth University Aug 2016
Tri-service demand Nottingham Trent University Aug 2016
Analysis of UK homicides in which the offender moves the victim's body after death Manchester Metropolitan University Aug 2016
Building sustainable policing-practitioner communities online The Open University Aug 2016
Are evidence based policing initiatives transferable? A review of common factors and barriers faced in Hotspot policing University of Warwick Jul 2016
Questionnaire study exploring police officers’ perceptions of vulnerable eyewitnesses with mental health needs University of Winchester Jul 2016
Piloting a revised risk assessment tool for frontline police officers College of Policing Jul 2016
Digital policing Nottingham Trent University May 2016
Exploring Novel Psychoactive Substance (NPS) use and its consequences for police practitioners and substance users in the North East of England University of Newcastle May 2016
Professionalising criminal investigation: An examination of an early attempt to support specialisation in criminal investigation Canterbury Christ Church University May 2016
Policing Bitcoin: Investigating, evidencing and prosecuting crimes involving cryptocurrency University of Leeds May 2016
Proposal to design 'missing persons' harm mapping model University of Dundee May 2016
Mapping the contours of human trafficking University of Manchester May 2016
How should the police effectively enagage with the public? University of Derby Apr 2016
Affliction of aggression and violence through fire: An investigation of firesetting behaviour by males within intimate partner violence University of South Wales Apr 2016
The predictive potential of Police Operating Models: How complex systems theory can support a data-driven simulation of police policy to improve efficiency The Open University Apr 2016
An evaluation of current interview practices in the UK with child victims of human trafficking University of Portsmouth Apr 2016
What works in E-learning: An evaluation of gamification (Randomised control trial) College of Policing Apr 2016
The effects of patrol dosage on crimes and on calls for service in night time economy hotspots (Randomised control trial) University of Cambridge Apr 2016
The use of failure demand in police services: an exploratory study The Open University Mar 2016
Disseminating and implementing research knowledge in policing: A systematic scoping review University of Exeter Mar 2016
Dealing with the unthinkable. The cognitive and emotional effects of child homicide on police investigators University of Huddersfield Mar 2016
Review of the Aston Project University Of Gloucestershire Mar 2016
The use of simulations in the selection and training of intelligence staff University of Portsmouth Mar 2016
When does CCTV help investigations, and why does it sometimes not? Nottingham Trent University Mar 2016
Information, technology and policing research project (2016/17) University of Leeds Feb 2016
Evaluation of the Domestic Abuse Matters training programme University of Hull Feb 2016
Profiling victims of cybercrime and fraud in Wales Swansea University Jan 2016
Dissociative Identity Disorder: Investigative interviewing and intermediaries University of Portsmouth Jan 2016
The identification and reporting of modern slavery in Leicester Loughborough University Jan 2016
The spatial behaviour of one-off and repeat missing persons University of Liverpool Jan 2016
Understanding effectiveness, efficiency and value in police forensic submissions within England and Wales The Open University Jan 2016
Understanding the commission process of sex offending on London railways: An integrated theoretical framework Middlesex University Jan 2016
Understanding the experiences of those responsible for administering the Child Sexual Offenders' Disclosure Scheme and managing registered sex offenders in the community University of the West of England Dec 2015
A systematic review of the effectiveness of the the electronic monitoring of offenders University College London Nov 2015
Personal security alarms for the prevention of assaults: A systematic review London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine Nov 2015
Red light enforcement cameras to reduce traffic violations and road traffic injuries: A systematic review London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine Nov 2015
An exploration of police identification of interpreter need within limited English speaking suspects brought into police custody Canterbury Christ Church University Nov 2015
Interpreter mediated investigative interviews University of Derby Nov 2015
Better Policing Collaborative - PKF award: Systematic Evidence Review of Cyber-Crime University of Derby Oct 2015
The impact of body worn video (BWV) on stop and search in England and Wales University of Warwick Oct 2015
Assessing the benefits of body-worn video on officer and subject behaviour (Randomised control trial) University of Derby Oct 2015
The construction of 'innocence' in the discourse of suspected criminals Loughborough University Oct 2015
Forensic science at the interface between chemistry and physical ergonomics Loughborough University Oct 2015
Assessing the risk in domestic abuse: towards the development of an operationally useful domestic abuse risk assessment tool University of Central Lancashire Oct 2015
Better Policing Collaborative - PKF award: CSE Target Prioritisation Tool University of Birmingham Oct 2015
The impact of leadership styles on police officer behaviour and well-being Loughborough University Oct 2015
Youth Crime Reduction and Sport programme external evaluation Loughborough University Oct 2015
An examination of coping strategies employed by police constables within the Metropolitan Police Services Territorial Support Group Canterbury Christ Church University Oct 2015
Forensic anthropology: The search and identification of human remains and the reconstruction of the deposition environment Cranfield Forensic Institute Oct 2015
Perceptions and experiences of sexual harassment on the London Underground Network Loughborough University Oct 2015
Recovery of impression evidence using a 3D structured light scanner Teesside University Oct 2015
Police officer experiences of higher education: Drivers, challenges, and organisational responses Leeds Beckett University Oct 2015
Defending food and drink: Policy, perception and preparedness around agroterrorism (working title) University of Portsmouth Sep 2015
Written threat analysis Cardiff University Sep 2015
Connect Project University of York Sep 2015
Better Policing Collaborative, PKF award - Evidence, research and evaluation workshops Skills for Justice Sep 2015
How do the prevailing aspects of Police culture affect the career trajectories of LGB Police Officers? Are Glass Ceilings real or perceived? University of Derby Sep 2015
A critical analysis of the adoption of transformational leadership principles by UK policing University of Leicester Sep 2015
Game-based learning for police training in child interviewing The Open University Sep 2015
Modelling and optimising police patrol University College London Sep 2015
We don’t buy crime: Developing and evaluating the impact of Smartwater technology and other interventions on public confidence in and satisfaction with British police forces University of Warwick Sep 2015
Developing restorative policing: using the evidence base to inform the delivery of restorative justice and improve engagement with victims University of Leeds Sep 2015
Developing restorative policing: using the evidence base to inform the delivery of restorative justice and improve engagement with victims University of Sheffield Sep 2015
Examining the predictive factors of violent extremist attitudes among communities with varying levels of cohesiveness University of Huddersfield Sep 2015
Mental health training for police officers: A randomised controlled trial (Randomised control trial) University of York Sep 2015
Liaison based public order policing and processes governing the reduction of conflict during crowd events University of Leeds Sep 2015
Multiple missing: An exploration of behavioural consistency in repeat missing adults Abertay University Sep 2015
Better Policing Collaborative - PKF award: Covert Operations Academic Advisory Group University of Birmingham Sep 2015
Better Policing Collaborative - PKF award: Knowledge Management Development and Dissemination Crest Analytics Sep 2015
Better Policing Collaborative, PKF award – 7@7 Officer Engagement Programme University of Liverpool Sep 2015
Policing cybercrime in the Cloud University of Leeds Sep 2015
Better Policing Collaborative - PKF award: Missing Children risk algorithm University of Nottingham Sep 2015
Better Policing Collaborative - PKF award: CASPER (geo-spatial police decision support software) University of Liverpool Sep 2015
Better Policing Collaborative - PKF award: Domestic abuse, review and evaluation University Campus Suffolk Sep 2015
Better Policing Collaborative - PKF award: Evidence and research information seminars Skills for Justice Sep 2015
Better Policing Collaborative - PKF award: Mental Health and Policing University of Nottingham Sep 2015
Better Policing Collaborative - PKF award: Specialist training and seminars on Child Protection and Missing Children University of Nottingham Sep 2015
Better Policing Collaborative, PKF award - Developing functional links between Data Visualisation Tool and Evidence Typology Crest Analytics Sep 2015
Better Policing Collaborative, PKF award – KIRAT – child sexual exploitation risk assessment tool University of Liverpool Sep 2015
A dialogical approach to the policing of protest and the balancing of human rights Liverpool John Moores University Sep 2015
Captive audience: An examination of the outcomes of policing intervention in schools between Wales and the most similar forces in England University of Wales Sep 2015
Cybercrime: Trading arguments: Proactively supporting digital forensics investigations of (potential) cybercrimes The Open University Sep 2015
Does a psycho-educational pre-briefing assist frontline police officers in preparing for the potential psychological sequelae of traumatic incidents? University of Chester Sep 2015
Ethical practice in policing The Open University Sep 2015
Improving investigations through utilising technology, community and psychology The Open University Sep 2015
Leadership to create public value The Open University Sep 2015
Systems thinking and complexity science for policing The Open University Sep 2015
What characterises an effective partnership between academics and practitioners? College of Policing Sep 2015
Already disadvantaged?: Determining the role of juvenile offenders' oral language abilities in the Restorative Justice Conference University of Manchester Aug 2015
Strategies for effective social media engagement The Open University Jul 2015
AUGGMED (Automated Serious Game Scenario Generator for Mixed Reality Training) Sheffield Hallam University Jun 2015
Eyewitness identification from a different angle: The effects of a 3D interactive lineup on identification accuracy Loughborough University Jun 2015
A systematic review of tagging as a method to reduce theft in retail environments University College London Jun 2015
Provision to officers and staff injured in the line of duty University of Surrey Jun 2015
Contact imaging for forensic applications University of Nottingham Jun 2015
Do visits or time spent in hot spots matter most? A randomised control trial in the West Midlands Police (Randomised control trial) University of Cambridge Jun 2015
Communication in hostage negotiation Loughborough University May 2015
Checkpoint Offender Management (Randomised control trial) University of Cambridge Apr 2015
Putting on a professional performance: the College of Policing and the construction of police legitimacy University of Surrey Apr 2015
An investigation into the subjectivity of the decision-making process involved in day-to-day street policing working practices University of Bradford Mar 2015
Speed cameras to reduce speeding traffic and road traffic injuries London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine Mar 2015
Alcohol and interviewing sexual assault complainants Loughborough University Mar 2015
Better Policing Collaborative - Problem identification (Norfolk and Suffolk) University Campus Suffolk Mar 2015
Using fingerprints to inspire criminal justice research: An international research project analysing level one fingerprint detail Teesside University Mar 2015
Gloucester City Safe partnership University Of Gloucestershire Feb 2015
Toward a more effective assessment of threat and risk in public order policing (working title) University of Leeds Feb 2015
Evaluation of police Stop and Search training (Randomised control trial) College of Policing Jan 2015
X-ray backscatter imaging for security applications Cranfield Forensic Institute Jan 2015
Better Policing Collaborative - Developing an EBP Strategy (Norfolk and Suffolk) University of Nottingham Jan 2015
Better Policing Collaborative - Ongoing training and briefings for OPCCs (Norfolk and Suffolk) University of Nottingham Jan 2015
Police response to same-sex partner abuse Durham University Jan 2015
A systematic review of the effectiveness of asset-focussed interventions against organised crime University of Glasgow Jan 2015
Better Policing Collaborative - Data monitoring (Norfolk and Suffolk) Crest Analytics Jan 2015
Better Policing Collaborative - Developing knowledge and understanding of EBP (Norfolk and Suffolk) University Campus Suffolk Jan 2015
Better Policing Collaborative - Research evidence assessments (Norfolk and Suffolk) University of Liverpool Jan 2015
The role of surface properties and wetting effects in determining the efficacy of cyanoacrylate fuming University of Nottingham Jan 2015
An exploration into the strategies of Neighbourhood Policing of the Metropolitan Police Service towards newly emergent ethnic minority communities University of Essex Jan 2015
Community support for situational crime prevention (alley gates) University of South Wales Jan 2015
Forensic interviews of children: Improving outcomes for children, professionals and the Child Protection and Criminal Justice Systems (Working title) University of Huddersfield Jan 2015
Improvement in the understanding of decision-making under pressure and the development of curriculum content University of Leicester Jan 2015
Investigating new ways to improve eyewitness identifications using Receiver Operating Characteristic Analysis (ESRC Funded) Royal Holloway College, University of London Jan 2015
Perpetration of rape in the 21st century in the context of domestic violence University of Worcester Jan 2015
The impact of predictive analytics on policing practice and effectiveness University of the West of England Jan 2015
Work-based relations bullying research Canterbury Christ Church University Jan 2015
Better Policing Collaborative - Factors affecting solvability in Norfolk and Suffolk University of Birmingham Dec 2014
Better Policing Collaborative - Factors affecting Killed, Seriously Injured (KSI) in Norfolk and Suffolk University of Birmingham Dec 2014
IARM – Identifying and Assessing the Risk of Money laundering in Europe University of Leicester Nov 2014
Monitoring and evaluation of the Fast Track and Direct Entry Routes into policing College of Policing Nov 2014
Acquisitive crime: A pilot for an exploratory knowledge exchange platform for policing University of Leeds Nov 2014
New perspectives: Direct Entry into British policing – evaluating 18 months as a trainee superintendent University of Portsmouth Nov 2014
Who pays for public policing?: Exploring the shifting boundaries of responsibility for the provision of ‘public’ policing University of Leeds Nov 2014
Understanding female perpetrated child sexual abuse in organisational contexts Durham University Oct 2014
Doing more for less in changing times: The use of volunteers in policing University of Surrey Oct 2014
Early intervention in repeat cases of domestic abuse: An evaluation of Project 360 (Randomised control trial) University of Leicester Sep 2014
Geographies of search: Exploring decision making, co-ordinating and collaborating in police investigations of missing persons cases University of Dundee Sep 2014
Organised motorcycle gangs in the United Kingdom. Myth and reality – harmless sub-culture or organised crime groups? London Metropolitan University Sep 2014
Policing the night time economy University Of Gloucestershire Sep 2014
Safe and well? Assessing police attitudes to Return Interviews in repeat cases of missing people University of Portsmouth Sep 2014
Squeezing the thin blue line: Austerity, policing & partnership working Teesside University Sep 2014
Wildlife trafficking from and to the UK and EU Northumbria University Sep 2014
A comparative study exploring police discretion, police methods and tools, whilst addressing anti-social behaviour amongst young people in Poland and England University of Huddersfield Sep 2014
Homicidal bereavement in the UK: listening and understanding stories from those bereaved through murder and manslaughter University of Bath Sep 2014
Understanding the broader implications of strategic disclosure of evidence in police interviews with suspects University of Warwick Sep 2014
Predicting crime using Big Data Ulster University Sep 2014
Assuming identities online – description, development and ethical implications Aston University Jul 2014
A preliminary investigation of young people and deliberate firesetting in the Cleveland Fire Brigade area Teesside University May 2014
Simultaneous Profiling and Analysis of Street Heroin (SPASH) Staffordshire University May 2014
Testing the effect of BWV in the WMP: An RCT (Randomised control trial) University of Cambridge May 2014
Understanding and improving risk assessment on domestic violence cases using machine learning tools University of Manchester May 2014
Vulnerability assessment in criminal justice University of Cumbria May 2014
Could police officers inform our understanding of terrorism? To examine the way police officers conceptualise ‘terrorism’ and “counter-terrorist” policing University of Derby Apr 2014
The impact of response officers wearing body worn video in the Metropolitan Police (Randomised control trial) College of Policing Apr 2014
Exploring intimate partner violence victim engagement with the police University of Central Lancashire Apr 2014
Multi Agency Safeguarding Hubs (MASH): An effective way of safeguarding vulnerable people? University of Central Lancashire Apr 2014
Composition and survival of latent fingerprints Cranfield Forensic Institute Apr 2014
A pilot feasibility trial of alcohol screening and brief intervention in the police custody setting (ACCEPT): study protocol for a cluster randomised controlled trial (Randomised control trial) University of Newcastle Mar 2014
CascEff: Modelling of dependencies and cascading effects for emergency management in crisis situations University of Sheffield Mar 2014
The changing cyber-threat landscape and public confidence in the criminal justice system University of Leeds Mar 2014
An evaluative comparison of the aspirations and confidence of part-time volunteer police officers in a selection of UK Northern police forces and US Florida Sheriff's offices Teesside University Mar 2014
Role of interview manager with vulnerable suspects: Assessing the risk in high stake investigations University of Portsmouth Feb 2014
Criminalisation, civil preventive measures and the creation of localised criminal codes University of Sussex Jan 2014
Vulnerability in police custody: implementing the appropriate adult safeguard University of Leicester Jan 2014
A randomised control trial of hotspot policing on the London bus network (Operation Menas) (Randomised control trial) University of Cambridge Jan 2014
An examination of the impact of the influential agency and structure issues within the Police Service on the use of powers and resources by community problem solving policing practitioners De Montfort University Jan 2014
Human trafficking for labour exploitation: Innovative approaches to prevention, prediction and protection University College London Jan 2014
The impact of Body Worn Video (BWV) cameras on criminal justice outcomes in domestic abuse incidents (Randomised control trial) College of Policing Jan 2014
A study of police behaviour University of Warwick Dec 2013
Understanding how routinely unarmed police resolve interpersonal conflict University of Cambridge Oct 2013
Understanding the nature and prevalence of unreported domestic abuse University of Essex Oct 2013
To critically explore police discretionary practices in the investigation of Honour Based Violence crimes Leeds Beckett University Oct 2013
A brave new world revisited – pre-entry policing route Buckinghamshire New University Sep 2013
Anti-social behaviour in rural Gloucestershire University Of Gloucestershire Sep 2013
Demand modelling, shift scheduling and rostering for patrol officers Loughborough University Sep 2013
Does the successful completion of the Certificate in Knowledge of Policing influence career aspirations and employability? Teesside University Sep 2013
Neighbourhood policing in a new era: Changes to neighbourhood policing teams and community engagement Cardiff University Sep 2013
Operation Co-operation: Building public confidence in the Metropolitan Police within and across London's communities University of Surrey Sep 2013
Reported sexual offences in prisons; the experiences of adult male prisoner complainants and the response of the prison service and the police. University of Southampton Sep 2013
Technology in modern policing The Open University Sep 2013
‘Good’ police custody: Theorising the ‘is’ and the ‘ought’ University of Sheffield Aug 2013
Can Neighbourhood Policing survive the demands of austerity? An examination of the strategic review by Dorset Police University of Winchester Jul 2013
Post-mortem computed tomography and road traffic collisions University of Leicester Jul 2013
Police discretion University of Liverpool Jul 2013
The use of Post Mortem Computed Tomography (PMCT) in the identification of adult humans University of Leicester Jun 2013
Analysis of racist tweets using big data techniques Canterbury Christ Church University Jun 2013
Project START – Short Term at Release Tagging (Randomised control trial) University of Cambridge May 2013
The Carbon Costs of Crime University of Surrey Apr 2013
TACIT - Translation and Communication in Training University of East Anglia Mar 2013
The powers and liabilities of performance information: Are innate properties responsible for triggering adverse behavioural tendencies? University of Warwick Mar 2013
Co-operation in interpreter-mediated questioning of minors (Co-Minor-in/Quest) Heriot-Watt University Feb 2013
Counterfeit crop protection products: a study of an emerging crime threat to the UK agricultural industry Harper Adams University Jan 2013
The interaction between psychological theories of crowd behaviour, public order legislation and public order policing Liverpool John Moores University Jan 2013
Operation SAVVY (Randomised control trial) University of Cambridge Nov 2012
Police leadership: An exploratory study of the perceptions of police officers Nottingham Trent University Oct 2012
Can electrowetting enhance the development of degraded latent fingerprints? University of Leicester Sep 2012
Domestic abuse victimisation, help-seeking processes and service interactions in a Polish migrant context in Edinburgh Durham University Sep 2012
Formation and development of police culture University of Portsmouth Sep 2012
Investigating the effectiveness of the Self-Administered Interview (SAI) for Older Witnesses University of Cambridge Sep 2012
Police middle management leadership: A case of arrested development? University of Southampton Sep 2012
Tackling farm crime: farmer behaviour and crime prevention decision making Harper Adams University Sep 2012
Testing the assumptions of geographical profiling in volume crime and its heuristic operational potential University of Dundee Sep 2012
Project CARA (Cautioning and Relationship Abuse) (Randomised control trial) University of Cambridge Jul 2012
Tackling radicalisation in dispersed societies Cardiff University Jul 2012
Risky business? A study exploring the relationship between harm and risk indicators in missing adult incidents University of Portsmouth Apr 2012
Do the interactions between police and local democratic and community representatives enhance the negotiation of local policing priorities? Anglia Ruskin University Jan 2012
Understanding the dynamics of aggressive non-compliance in police officer interactions with the public: Examining the reaction to the use of force against police officers University of Leeds Oct 2011
Fatigued driving in UK Police Service shift workers: The impact on road safety University of Leeds Sep 2011
The aetiological basis of subdural haematoma in infant trauma University of Leicester Sep 2011
The Greater Manchester Police procedural justice training experiment (Randomised control trial) College of Policing Sep 2011
Recruitment & retention of AFOs: Exploring the incentives and barriers Abertay University Aug 2011
The process and conduct of experiments in policing University of Cambridge Jul 2011
The Turning-Point Project (Randomised control trial) University of Cambridge May 2011
The impact of higher education upon policing Teesside University Apr 2011
Do offenders discover the harm of their offences? A multi-site randomised controlled trial evaluation of the Sycamore Tree Programme (Randomised control trial) University of Cambridge Feb 2011
Police interview training with 'CARM' (the Conversation Analytic Role-play Method') Loughborough University Feb 2011
Statements - fact or fiction University of Portsmouth Aug 2010
Tell us what happened? An analysis of Grampian Police missing person 'closure-interview' forms Abertay University Aug 2010
The investigation, assessment and formulation of stranger sexual violence Manchester Metropolitan University Jan 2010
Dead or Alive? The role of personal characteristics and immediate situational factors in the outcome of serious violence Nottingham Trent University Nov 2009
The application of science to the investigation of the Trojan defence The Open University Oct 2009
Continuity and change in initial police training Anglia Ruskin University Aug 2009
Body Recovery from Water study University of Dundee Jul 2009
Age estimation in the living University of Dundee May 2009
Identification from the hand University of Dundee May 2009
The impact of information about crime and policing on public perceptions: the results of a randomised controlled trial (Randomised control trial) College of Policing Mar 2009
The quantification of forces involved in stabbings University of Leicester Jun 2008
Nonverbal behaviour in investigative interviews University of Hertfordshire Oct 2007
Community engagement with and confidence in policing University of Southampton Aug 2007
Role of post-mortem computed tomography in forensic and medico-legal autopsies University of Leicester Jul 2002
A critical analysis of the perceptions of victims of domestic abuse (DA) regarding the utilisation of Restorative Justice (RJ) within DA in the East Midlands area University of Derby Jan 0001
N8 Policing Research Partnership : Innovation and the application of knowledge for more effective policing University of Leeds Jan 0001
What Works Centre for Crime Reduction: Commissioned Partnership Programme WORK PACKAGE 5 - To provide guidance for practitioners on the cost analysis of crime reduction interventions University College London Jan 0001

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