New Research Map projects

The Research Map plots details of relevant ongoing policing related research at Masters level and above. It is intended to increase opportunities for collaboration, and to enable forces to engage directly with researchers working on topics of interest to them. Summaries of relevant randomised control trials (ongoing and completed) are also available on the map.

Researchers are invited to share summaries of their ongoing research.  These summaries can be changed should research projects alter throughout the duration of the project.  When projects are completed, contributors are invited to share final research reports with the National Police Library and the project summaries are removed from the Research Map.  Details of completed projects remain accessible via our Completed Research page.  

​Title​Research institution​Level
Updated April 2017​ ​ ​
Are Prevent and the Schedule 7 border counter terrorism element of Protect, evidence based policing?​University of Kent​Masters
Nudging up appearances: A randomised control trial encouraging defendants to appear at court via text messages​University of Cambridge​Ongoing RCT
To critically examine and explore speed of judgement vs heuristics and bias within honesty and integrity of public office for the concept of the strategic constable​University of Portsmouth​PhD
​The impact of police Body Worn Video evidence on criminal justice outcomes​College of Policing​Ongoing RCT
​Missing the point: The links between child sexual exploitation and young persons going missing​Teesside University​Masters
Dixon of Doxa Green: A double hermeneutic investigation into police culture and professional identity​University of Gloucestershire​PhD
​The role of surface properties and wetting effects in determining the efficacy of cyanoacrylate fuming​University of Nottingham​PhD
Contact imaging for forensic applications​University of Nottingham​PhD
Delivering the crime reduction message: What is the most effective means of communicating with the public?​Nottingham Trent University​Work/professional
​Children involved in or affected by criminality (a multi-agency approach)​University of Derby​Masters