College of Policing published research

The College produces a range of publications to help put the evidence in the hands of police practitioners, and to make it available to academics and the public.

​​​​​​​All our research publications are independently peer-reviewed to help ensure that government standards are met.

We have organised our research publications according to the 10 National Policing Curriculum categories. These categories have been developed to reflect diverse police roles but are also relevant to practitioners, academic partners and agencies across the crime prevention and wider law enforcement sector.

Systematic reviews sum up the best available research on a subject and can provide evidence of "what works". These exhaustive reviews use explicit criteria to find, assess and draw together findings from relevant studies, sometimes combining them into a single, much larger study. Rapid evidence assessments (REAs) follow a similar approach but are less exhaustive, so that the literature can be summarised and made available more quickly.

Please select a category from the list below to see published research from the College of Policing.​​

Ethics and Values

Tackling unconscious bias in recruitment, selection and promotion processes:  A rapid evidence assessment executive summary


Police leadership and integrity: Implications from a research programme


Chief officer misconduct in policing: An exploratory study


The role of leadership in promoting ethical police behaviour: The findings of qualitative case study research


Fair cop 2: Organisational justice, behaviour and ethical policing


Promoting ethical behaviour and preventing wrongdoing in organisations: A rapid evidence assessment


Data pack on public trust and confidence in the police​​​


The impact of code of ethics on behaviour: a rapid evidence assessment​​


It's a fair cop? Police legitimacy, public cooperation, and crime research: an interpretative evidence commentary
(A briefing note is also available.)​


Legitimacy in policing: a systematic review

Personal and Public Safety

​No publications related to this topic

Information Management / ICT

No publications related to this topic

Community Engagement and Crime Prevention

Community engagement in policing: lessons from the literature - a rapid evidence assessment

The effects of "pulling levers" focused deterrence strategies on crime, a systematic review


The Greater Manchester Police procedural justice training experiment: the impact of communication skills training on officers and victims of crime​​
(A technical report on the experiment is also available.)


The impact of information about crime and policing on public perceptions: the results of a randomised controlled trial​​
(A briefing note and a technical report on the trial are also available.)

​​An observational study of response and neighbourhood officers
(A briefing note is also available.)


Spatial displacement and diffusion of benefits among geographically focused policing initiatives, a systematic review


Forensics and Evidence Gathering

​​No publications related to this topic

Public Protection

Intelligence and Counter Terrorism

​No publications related to this topic

Crime and Investigation

Does more stop and search mean less crime? Analysis of Metropolitan Police Service panel data, 2004–14

College of Policing stop and search training experiment: An overview
(A technical report on the design of the trial is also available)


College of Policing stop and search training experiment: Impact evaluation
(Appendices are also available)


College of Policing stop and search training experiment: Process evaluation
(Appendices are also available)


The impact of body worn video (BWV) cameras on criminal justice outcomes in domestic abuse incidents (completed RCT)​​

Injury surveillance: using A&E data for crime reduction - Guidance for police analysts and practitioners

Injury surveillance: using A&E data for crime reduction - Technical report

Injury Surveillance: Using A&E data for crime reduction - Appendices to the guidance for police analysts and practitioners

Interview and interrogation methods and their effects on investigative outcomes, a systematic review


Police, Camera, Evidence:  London's cluster randomised controlled trial of Body Worn Video


​The police use of pre-charge bail: an exploratory study


​​Risk, bureaucracy and missing persons: an evaluation of a new approach to the initial police response


Stop and search, the use of intelligence and geographic targeting: findings from case study research
(A briefing note is also available.)


Understanding crime recording


Planned Operations and Emergency Procedures

​No publications related to this topic

Leadership and Strategic Command