Encouraging and supporting police and academic partnerships

Did you know that the College has recently appointed a Research Evidence Partnerships Manager?  They will help to facilitate the creation and delivery of fully effective working 'Police-Academic' partnerships that will support the development and use of research evidence across policing.  Developing and building on such collaborations will help:

  • Continue to generate the evidence base in policing;

  • Encourage and stimulate new ideas for research by practitioners;
  • Provide greater coherence to police-academic engagement;
  • Develop skills and confidence of the Service in creating, seeking and using research evidence.

You can contact the Research Evidence Partnerships Manager via our What Works Centre email.

There are other ways that the College of Policing is encouraging partnerships.  These include:

Research Fairs
A research fair is a "marketplace", hosted by a police force or a partnership of regional forces (perhaps together with relevant Police and Crime Commissioners), to match policing-related research requirements with resources.