Police Knowledge Fund Showcase Conference, 27 November 2017

Police Knowledge Fund Collaborations to showcase their work.

To mark the completion of the Police Knowledge Fund (PKF) programme, and to celebrate the extraordinary scope and scale of the work of the collaborations, we will be hosting a Police Knowledge Fund Showcase Conference to provide an opportunity for each Collaboration to share some of their PKF work. 

The focus of the event will be showcasing PKF products and activities which have had a direct impact on policing including (but not limited to):

  • Creation and translation of research evidence
  • Knowledge exchange schemes (for example, fellowships and academic programmes)
  • Tools for policing (for example, applications and risk assessments).

Below is the outline programme for the day so far, which is subject to change, confirmation and additional content:


​Time​Title​Lead university
​09:30-09:50​Welcome and introduction ​
​09:50-11:20CO-PRODUCTION (short oral presentations) ​
​Marginal Gains: Improving police engagement with young people in need of a safeguarding response​University of Bedfordshire
​"This isn't just a case of taking someone to hospital": Police approaches to management of situations involving persons with mental ill health​Keele University
​Lessons learned from a randomised controlled trial evaluating the effectiveness of a mental health training program for frontline police officers​University of York
​Evidence Cafés:  Game-based learning toolThe ​Open University
​11:10-11:30​Coffee - stands and poster exhibition ​
​11:30-12:45TOOLS (short oral presentations and demonstrations) ​​ ​
​Frontline officer awareness development and decision support app​Leeds Beckett University
​Project Fisher: Development of a suspect prioritisation tool​University of Nottingham
​Helping to inform police force and police officer decisions concerning community engagement: The Community Engagement Area Classification for the East Midlands​University of Northampton
​Understanding public value through policing priorities using Q – methodologyThe ​Open University
​12:50-13:40LUNCH - stands, poster exhibition and films in auditorium ​​ ​​ ​
​13:40-15:10BUILDING CAPABILITY (short oral presentations followed by panel discussion)
​Individual and organisational capacity building through 'Making Sense of Evidence' Workshops​University of Exeter
EMPAC Fellowship Programme​University of Northampton
​Knowledge Hub, advanced practitioners and post graduate certificate​Liverpool John Moores University
​Open educational resourcesThe Open University​
​Panel discussion​All
​15:10-15:30​ ​TEA - stands and poster exhibition  ​​ ​​
​15:30-16:30​ ​APPLICATION (short oral presentations)
​Evidence, insight and innovation from OSCAR​Cardiff University
​Linking images to source camera devicesLeeds Beckett University​
​Prioritising risk within indecent images of children investigations - The Kent Internet Risk Assessment Tool (KIRAT)​University of Nottingham
​16:30-16:45​ ​SUMMARY AND CLOSE

The Police Knowledge Fund was supported by The College of Policing, the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) and the Home Office 

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Please send any questions about the Showcase Conference to knowledgefund@college.pnn.police.uk



If you have been invited to showcase your PKF products or activities as part of a SHORT ORAL PRESENTATION, please note that:

  • Each presentation will be allocated 15 minutes
  • Presentations should be co-produced and presented by both academic and policing partners
  • If you will be using slides, these should be restricted to a maximum of 6
  • Delegate questions will be put at the end of each presentation and will be limited to 5 minutes
  • You will be alerted when you have five minutes remaining and one minute remaining
  • Presentations must be provided by Friday 17th November


If you have been invited to participate as a panel member in an interactive panel, please note that:

  • Each panel will be introduced and chaired by a member of a PKF collaboration
  • Panel member biographies (including photos) should be sent to knowledgefund@college.pnn.police.uk by 16 November
  • Delegate questions will be collected before the panel and further opportunities to pose questions will be given subject to time constraints


Each PKF collaboration is invited to showcase aspects of the work of their collaboration using a stand.  Tables will be placed in the main conference room, the foyer and the lunch area.  Each collaboration will be supplied with a table and some available space for pull up banners and presentation boards (although these will not be supplied).  Please request if you would like power supply and internet capability to your stand.   PKF Collaborations should confirm if they would like have a stand to showcase their work by 27 October.
Stand exhibitors will need to arrive at the conference venue by 9:00 on 27 November to set up their stand


There will be time for delegates to view posters during breaks and lunchtime at the Showcase Conference.  Poster s will be displayed in the main conference room, the foyer and in the lunch area. If you are displaying a poster at the conference please:

  • Arrive by 9:00 to display your poster. If it is not possible to arrive by 9:00 (or if you are not attending the conference in person), please send your poster to College of Policing, Events, Leamington Ro ad, Ryton- on-Dunsmore, Coventry, Warwickshire, CV8 3EN by 16 November
  • Size your poster as A1.  It can be displayed in PORTRAIT or LANDSCAPE format
  • Clearly indicate which PKF collaboration which your poster relates to, and include contact details for delegates to obtain further information
  • Bring A4  size print outs of your poster if you wish to hand out to delegates
  • Note that we will provide presenters with tape or something similar to mount posters in allocated positions.





Summary of key dates and deadlines ​

​20th October​College of Policing to publish an outline conference programme
​27th October​PKF Collaboration leads to confirm if a stand is required to showcase products and activities
​3rd November​Deadline for delegate registration
​16th November​Speaker and panel member biographies to be sent to knowledgefund@college.pnn.police.uk
​17th November​Deadline for sending presentations to College of Policing
​20th November​Posters to have been received by College of Policing - if poster presenters are not attending the conference or are unable to arrive by 09:00 on the day of the conference
​27th November​Police Knowledge Fund Showcase Conference day