Co-production of policing evidence, research and training: Focus on mental health

Lead institution
University of York

Project contact
Professor Martin Smith

Collaborating partners


​* North Yorkshire Police

​* City of York Council
* Selby District Council
* North Yorkshire County Council
* Public Health in North Yorkshire
* North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Services
* North Yorkshire and York Forum
* York Teaching Hospital


Summary of activities
Mental health involves considerable resources for both the police and other agencies. This project aims to create better outcomes in this area, contributing to changing the practice and culture around issues of recording and dealing with mental health.

Project method
The project will identify interventions used to improve the handling of mental health issues across the police and other involved agencies. This will be achieved through 'research cafes' involving service providers and users, and systematic literature reviews.

Identified interventions will be tested through randomised controlled trials and subsequently best practice will be shared through training and workshops.

In addition, the project will investigate mechanisms for better improving partnership through the development of co-working, facilitating sharing of data and joint budgeting.


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