Developing restorative policing: Using the evidence base to inform the delivery of restorative justice and improving engagement with victims

Lead institution
University of Sheffield

Project contact
Professor Joanna Shapland, School of Law

Collaborating partners


​* South Yorkshire Police
* South Yorkshire PCC
* West Yorkshire Police
* West Yorkshire PCC
* Humberside Police
* Humberside PCC

​* University of Leeds​* Remedi

Summary of activities
This collaboration will combine action research and a development programme focusing on both young and adult offenders. This will include:

  • mapping and scoping existing practices in the participating forces and evaluating the extent to which these conform to RJ principles and improve engagement with victims
  • producing tools for front-line policing officers to develop good practice in RJ, on the basis of the earlier scoping and evaluation
  • evaluating case studies where practices are informed by the new guidance and delivery mechanisms
  • conducting a comparative benchmarking exercise. The findings of the collaboration will be produced in a report for the participating forces and wider national and international dissemination. 

Benefits of the project
It is intended that the collaboration will realise:

  • improved victim satisfaction through restorative solutions
  • enhanced perceptions of fairness, procedural justice and legitimacy of the police in encounters with victims and offenders
  • increased public confidence in policing responses and justice through prompt and appropriate problem solving
  • better coordination and referral processes to partner agencies for training and delivery of restorative justice
  • reduced demand, as appropriate, on police and justice institutions through early intervention and informal dispute resolution.