The Police Knowledge Fund Network

What is the Police Knowledge Fund?

The £10m Police Knowledge Fund was launched  by The College, the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) and the Home Office in 2015 to encourage collaboration between academia and police forces to increase evidence-based knowledge and skills within policing. Academic institutions, in partnership with police forces and other agencies, were able to bid for a share of the money to fund evidence-based approaches to problems faced by those on the frontline; to increase the flow of research in fighting crime; and to build a sustained capability amongst officers and staff to understand, critique and use research. 14 bids involving 39 forces and 30 universities were awarded funding.

Why was the Police Knowledge Fund Network set up?

The creation and use of a virtual network to support the 14 funded programmes was a requirement identified through the scheme's National Advisors at the request of all participating partners.  It had become clear that several of the projects were experiencing similar difficulties and would benefit from a virtual network where all grant recipients could share experiences and good practice, identify opportunities for further collaboration and further develop the professional reputation of the PKF. 

Where can I find the Police Knowledge Fund Network?

It is hosted by the Knowledge Hub, which is the UK's largest digital platform for public service collaboration. The Hub is used by 120,000 public service employees across more than 500 public sector bodies, ranging from elected members to policy makers, researchers, teachers and police officers.  The following link will take you directly to the Police Knowledge Fund Network:

Why did the College use the Knowledge Hub to host the Police Knowledge Fund Network?

Police Knowledge Fund Collaborations include representatives from a range of background organisations, some of whom cannot use the Police OnLine Knowledge Area (POLKA).  The Hub was identified as a collaboration tool which allowed access for all members of collaborations to join and use.

The Knowledge Hub provides a number of benefits including:

  • Easy access with a wide range of functions.  The toolset includes a discussion forum, library, wiki, and ideas management function
  • Reduces costs and drives efficiency through the pooling of resources, sharing information and reducing face-to-face meetings that saves both money and
  • Develops skills as members are able to access a broad network of experts and peers who can help them in their work

 How is the Network organised?

The PKF Network is a self-managed and branded collection of Groups, one for each of the 14 PKF projects as well as a College of Policing management group.  This gives each group their own individual project space, allowing them control over what gets shared and what is visible to the other 13 groups.  All groups have the ability to connect both within and across the projects, using collaborative tools to share practice and information, engage in peer to peer learning through discussions and update documents securely. The network will therefore enable seamless engagement with colleagues, members, communities and partners, using any device from any location.

How do I join the PKF Network?

Anybody can create their own account on the Knowledge Hub by visiting the homepage at  However, as the PKF groups have been established to facilitate communication within and between collaborations, membership will usually be limited to those linked to the projects and collaborations.  All PKF network groups within the Police Knowledge Fund Network are restricted, which means you first have to request membership from the group facilitator in order to be granted access.