An evidence-based approach to fighting cybercrime from the frontline: Improving the effectiveness and efficiency of investigating cyber enabled crime

Lead institution
Leeds Beckett University

Project contact
Dr Z. Cliffe Schreuders

Collaborating partners

​* West Yorkshire Police

​* Sheffield Hallam University
* Canterbury Christ Church University


Summary of activities
A research and training collaboration, the Cyber Analysis Research Initiative (CARI), will be established between West Yorkshire Police and Leeds Beckett University.

Project aims
The CARI collaboration will involve implementing a training and research programme. It aims to increase the capability of the digital forensics and cyber units within West Yorkshire Police to understand, critique and use research. This will impact the support and evidence-based practice that these units provide to frontline officers across the region.

Two onsite postdoctoral researchers will work with Leeds Beckett academics to collaborate, train, facilitate, and guide the cyber investigation units.

This will lead to primary research being conducted, as well as designing a process, procedure, tools and a training programme to improve the response and investigation of cyber-crime.