Evidence Informed Training – Sexual Offences (EITSO)

Lead institution
City University London

Project contact
Dr Katrin Hohl

Collaborating partners


​* Metropolitan Police Service
* Sussex Police


Summary of activities
In complaints of rape and sexual abuse, the victim's memory of the attack is often the only key evidence in the case.

Project research
The project takes a systemic view on the pivotal role this memory evidence plays throughout the investigation and prosecution process. This includes:

  • a survey of police officer's beliefs about victim memory
  • an analysis of witness statements
  • an exploration of Crown Prosecution Service demands on memory evidence
  • how police engage with victims over their memory evidence. 

Knowledge exchange
The interdisciplinary approach combines cognitive research on human memory and policing expertise. Knowledge exchange activities include:

  • workshops
  • roundtables
  • focus groups
  • surgery sessions at police stations
  • continuing professional development courses
  • research seminars.

Guidelines, training materials and policy reports will be produced alongside academic outputs.