What Works Centre News Updates

Can you help contribute to new national policing guidance? 03 February 2017

The College of Policing is piloting a new approach to developing national guidance. The What Works Standards development team outline the key principles, introduce the two chosen topic areas and invite you to contribute to the pilot process.

Can mindfulness practices help police workers enjoy quality sleep? 03 February 2017

Dr Ian Hesketh and Jenny Kodz from the College of Policing, discuss some of the sleep issues related to policing and the growing body of research evidence on the potential benefits of mindfulness.

New police misconduct procedures create opportunities for research 06 January 2017

The Government recently introduced integrity reforms to address issues in the misconduct system. Ray Marley, Policing Standards Manager from the College of Policing discusses the new system and possible areas for research.

Research on volunteering within the police 19 December 2016

Andrew Millie is Professor of Criminology at Edge Hill University. This research project on volunteers in policing was originally shared on the Policing and Crime Reduction Map.

Christmas: A research & statistics perspective 16 December 2016

David Mann from the College research team examines the numbers surrounding Christmas from a research and statistics perspective.

ExPERT project evaluates #RU2Drunk 10 December 2016

#RU2Drunk is an intervention based on security staff using breathalysers to restrict access to pubs and clubs for people who have already had too much to drink.

CPD day for analysts: A personal perspective 24 November 2016

Following the CPD Day for analysts, hosted by the College of Policing and Derbyshire Constabulary, Jenny Kennedy (a performance analyst with Derbyshire Constabulary) gives her perspective on the day.

The Open University runs innovative public leadership MOOC for CPD 10 November 2016

Mike Lucas is the Associate Director for Learning at The Open University Centre for Policing Research and Learning, established as part of the Police Knowledge Fund.