What Works Centre News Updates

Experiments in crime purr-vention 25 October 2017

Dr Helen Innes from the Crime and Security Research Institute at Cardiff University explains how an experiment with a cartoon cat has generated new evidence about how to better use crime prevention communications to influence public behaviour.

Congratulations to successful bursary applicants 04 October 2017

Successful applicants to the Bursary Scheme 2017/18 receive positive news as the College provides funding towards their academic study.

Research Mapping: a police appeal with a difference 01 October 2017

Here at College What Works, we are seeking Research Map contributions from students, police and academics.

PREVENT-ing terrorism 12 September 2017

Professor Martin Innes of Cardiff University explains how research by the What Works Centre helps us to understand the contribution of disruption techniques in preventing terrorism.

Frontline researchers: A personal experience 16 August 2017

My experience of conducting research as a police officer and some key tips for future researchers

Research published on electronic monitoring 24 July 2017

Dr Jyoti Belur and Dr Amy Thornton of UCL Department of Security and Crime Science talk about the newly-published systematic review on electronic monitoring.

Neighbourhood policing: Call for practice 19 July 2017

Are you a police officer involved in neighbourhood policing? Or a practitioner with expert knowledge of the skills needed to deliver effective community engagement? We need your help…

Speed cameras to reduce speeding traffic and road traffic injuries 12 July 2017

This review on the use of speed cameras was conducted by Dr Phil Edwards and Dr Chloe Perkins of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.