What Works Centre News Updates

New research published on What Works in retail tagging 22 June 2017

Dr Aiden Sidebottom of UCL Department of Security and Crime Science talks about his newly-published systematic review on retail tagging.

Congratulations to successful bursary applicants (new scheme coming soon.......) 20 April 2017

From over 80 applications to the 2016-17 College Bursary from 28 forces, 26 were awarded financial support for their academic study.  Following the success of this year’s scheme, the College will be launching a new bursary for members in 2017/18. 

How much does that intervention cost? 06 April 2017

Academics from London (UCL) and Australia (Australian National University) have developed a Cost Benefit Tool for the What Works Centre for Crime Reduction, as part of the work delivered by the Commissioned Partnership Programme.

Can you help contribute to new national policing guidance? 03 February 2017

The College of Policing is piloting a new approach to developing national guidance. The What Works Standards development team outline the key principles, introduce the two chosen topic areas and invite you to contribute to the pilot process.

Can mindfulness practices help police workers enjoy quality sleep? 03 February 2017

Dr Ian Hesketh and Jenny Kodz from the College of Policing, discuss some of the sleep issues related to policing and the growing body of research evidence on the potential benefits of mindfulness.

New police misconduct procedures create opportunities for research 06 January 2017

The Government recently introduced integrity reforms to address issues in the misconduct system. Ray Marley, Policing Standards Manager from the College of Policing discusses the new system and possible areas for research.

Research on volunteering within the police 19 December 2016

Andrew Millie is Professor of Criminology at Edge Hill University. This research project on volunteers in policing was originally shared on the Policing and Crime Reduction Map.